Echo Ridge Announces Private Beta Launch of Citizen-Driven Political Platform to Level Playing Field Against Big-Money Politics
Nonprofit Organization Faith Advisory Council for Community Transformation to Advance Legislation for Program Aiding at-Risk Youths via Echo Ridge’s Platform

Concord, NH — December 19, 2018 — As big-money continues to disproportionately influence laws and policies at both the state and federal level, Americans are increasingly determined to become more involved within the political atmosphere.

Echo Ridge Corp., a pioneer in the era of citizen-driven politics to help level the playing field against big money politics, today announced the launch of its platform in private beta for a California nonprofit organization, Faith Advisory Council for Community Transformation (FACCT). FACCT will utilize the Echo Ridge platform to advance legislation for a program aiding at-risk youths in the California foster care system.

Through the powerful crowd-driven platform that leverages social networking capabilities, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing tools, every American now has the opportunity to support any cause resulting in more grassroots campaigns reaching successful milestones thanks to the tools Echo Ridge provides:

  • Social media: captures the potential power of social media and helps deliver tangible goals through tiered user engagement and constructive processes; where good intent becomes actionable causes with measurable outcomes.
  • Funding: changes how political action is funded by applying the crowdfunding model to monetize political causes and crowdsource to complete campaign initiatives.
  • Grassroots causes: creates a new competitive marketplace that gives crowd-driven causes access to elite political talent and resources, allowing organizations to manage the complete lifecycle of potential action more effectively.
  • Powerful tool for organizations: provides organizations with a sleek, user friendly back office management tool for streamlined workflows and the opportunity to build, grow and manage genuine, national grassroots supporters.

“We’re excited to work with FACCT, which was created by passionate individuals who leveraged Echo Ridge’s platform to create legislation  and is now being funded by the crowd and driven through crowdsourced experts who were previously inaccessible to activists,” said Jeff Allan, CEO and founder of Echo Ridge. “Echo Ridge is leveling the playing field against big-money politics by giving people a genuine voice that results in change, using the same tools as big money. Our focus is on issue politics, not on campaigns or candidates, so the cycle is on-going through legislative, executive, and regulatory efforts.”

Combining the unifying capabilities of social networking with the efficacy of the crowd, Echo Ridge harnesses the power of social media, crowdfunding, and crowdsourcing for effective grassroots political change. Although initially conceptualized specifically for individuals, smaller nonprofits and charities have shown great interest in using the platform for similar political issue activism.

“The platform will change how political action gets funded and is creating a new competitive marketplace that gives crowd-driven causes access to elite political talent and resources. This allows users to manage the complete lifecycle of political action more effectively and to achieve real results,” Allan added.

With several high profile local and federal causes already in partnership, Echo Ridge’s next milestone will be to launch a larger scale beta program in January.

Those interested in receiving an invite to our open beta program, please contact Echo Ridge ( for more information and real-time updates visit our website at


The Faith Advisory Council for Community Transformation (FACCT) is a 501(c)3 organization comprised of a core group of faith and community leaders creating a culture of collective impact  through motivating, mentoring and mobilizing the capacity of religious, community and government stakeholders in San Bernardino County and the greater Inland Empire region of Southern California. We are committed to improving services dedicated to promoting healthy, revitalized and sustainable community transformation.

About Echo Ridge

Echo Ridge is pioneering the era of citizen-driven politics. Combining the unifying capabilities of social networking with the efficacy of the crowd, Echo Ridge is providing Americans with a platform that will counter the influence of big-money in politics. Echo Ridge will take individuals beyond hashtag activism, allowing for real change, driven by real people. To learn more about Echo Ridge, visit

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